Tuesday, August 14, 2018
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Does it concern you that Facebook and YouTube have deleted the content of user Alex Jones of Infowars?

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Looking Back

Faces and places from the past are featured each week in Looking Back, sponsored by Standard Supply, and we invite you to share your memories here.

If you can identify anyone or remember the occasion, please scroll down and leave a comment.

Are these children checking their smiles in that mirror? We’re guessing an early 1980s date for this one. Do you recognize any of the children or their teacher? If you do, call Sherri at 423-9331 or send an email.

No one has contacted us about last week’s photo.

Visitor Comments

Submitted By: Luke SmithSubmitted: 6/5/2017
Please put the year the pictures were make, if it is known. Thanks, I enjoy looking each week to see if I know anyone.

Editor: Thanks for looking. We don't always know the year as they have been brought to us by someone or we found in our files. If we know the year, we will add it. Thanks, Luke. 

Submitted By: Arthur VancilSubmitted: 3/1/2018
Is this feature being discontinued, or does the Herald plan to update it in the near future?

EDITOR: We don't plan changes at this time.

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