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Wedding Form

  • We must receive the write-up or information no later than 21 days after the wedding. Friday noon is the deadline for the following week's issue.
  • Be sure your photographer knows you have a deadline to meet. There is no charge for publishing the photo. If e-mailing your write-up, please send the photo as a separate .jpg attachment to [email protected]. Do not send the picture as part of a Word document. Photos may be color or black &white.
  • A $25 late fee will be charged for publishing wedding stories after the 21-day deadline.
  • We cannot make exceptions to deadline policies and reserves the right to edit ALL information.
  • Please e-mail [email protected] or call (229)423-9331 for further assistance.


  • This form is a guideline. It is not necessary to complete all sections. Please indicate whether you wish to use formal (Mr. & Mrs. John Doe) or informal (John & Jane Doe) style. If you're not sure how to list divorced or deceased parents or grandparents, we'll be happy to assist you.
  • Descriptions should stick with the facts (the bride wore a strapless gown with panels of alencon lace). We think every bride is beautiful & all weddings are glorious.
  • The story should be a factual account of the wedding, reception, rehearsal dinner & out-of-town guests (grouped by cities).
  • Keep your sentences simple. Instead of saying, "The bride chose to wear" or "The bride was attired," the newspaper account will read "The bride wore." We do not print designer names or labels.
  • THERE IS A 1,000 WORD LIMIT FOR WEDDING WRITE-UPS. EXCESS WORDS WILL BE EDITED. The rehearsal dinner & bridesmaids' brunch are not included in the word count.


Your Name
Your Telephone Number
Your Email Address
Place, Date, Time
Bride's Maiden Name
Telephone (Daytime)
Groom's Name
Telephone (Daytime)
Bride's Parents Names, Address
Groom's Parents Names, Address
Bride's Grandparents Names, Address
Groom's Grandparents Names, Address
Minister, Title, Address
Type Ceremony
Who gave bride away?
Bride's Attire
Bride's Bouquet
Maid of Honor
Matron of Honor
Bridesmaids Attire
Bridemaids' Bouquets
Flower Girl and Attire
Groom's Attire
Best Man
Groomsmen's Attire
Ring Bearer and Attire
Church Decorations
Pianist, Organist, Soloist, Etc.
Bride's Mother's Attire
Groom's Mother's Attire
Reception Hosts
Reception Date, Time, Place
Greeting Guests
Receiving Line
Reception Decorations
Attending Bride's Register
Description of Wedding Cake
Description of Groom's Cake
Bride's Going-Away Attire
Wedding Trip
Where Couple Will Reside
Rehearsal Dinner Hosts
Rehearsal Dinner Date, Time, Place
Bride's Attire
Bridesmaid's Luncheon Hosts
Bridesmaids Luncheon Date, Time, Place
Bride's Attire
Out-of-Town Guests (Grouped by City)
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